This is a blog assignment for the students of the first ever Queer Studies in Film & TV course (FITV 3637, fall 2016) in the Department of Communication & Media Studies at Fordham University! Welcome.

Instructor: Joy C. Schaefer

Course Description: This course examines “queer” independent and mainstream film and television. We will delve into classic Hollywood cinema, “New Queer Cinema,” European cinema, “transnational” cinema, as well as U.S. and Canadian television series. We will apply queer, feminist, film, and media theories to the media in order to more profoundly understand our objects of study—the films and TV series themselves—while simultaneously using our objects to better understand the theories and histories. As we unpack assumptions about sexed bodies, sexual desires, gender identities, and sexual identities, we will examine the ways in which films and TV series uphold and subvert the status quo in regards to gender and sexual norms.

Assignment: A) In 1200-1500 words, write your reactions to a public film screening that has an introduction and/or Q&A and that relates in some way to our course topics. This could be a formal review or a reflection, but be sure to include the following: offer the basics (where; when; is it part of a film program?) and comment on the film(s) (director, year, nation, film form and content, your thoughts on it), its/their relation to our course themes, the Q&A/intro, the screening space, and the general atmosphere. B) In 250-400 words, respond to another student’s post with questions and/or comments.